The Aura Patch Therapy System™
After observing and measuring low, diminished energy in very specific areas of the body, there are 33 available programs of energetic restoration. These energy fields are created to totally restore and balance the body's energy needs.
Program T01
For a restful nights sleep — Government studies tell us 62% of all Americans have sleep deprivation. Bedtime restores your energy for your best natural sleep patterns.
Program T02
This program has been developed as an aid to support proper messaging of the Brain and Liver and to normalize their function.
Program T03
Fungal infestations — Help Eliminate Candida Fungus, yeast & fungus based vaginal infections.
Program T04
This program is for clear healthy arteries — Slowly dissolves plaques and calcifications in arteries.
Program T05
This program is used to help with bacterial infections — Streptococcus, E. Coli, Staphylococcus, Pneumonia. Also helps with supporting the immune system.
Program T06
This patch is designed to provide energy, which reduces observable pain — Analgesic, Migraine, Trauma, and Accidents.
Program T07
Digestive Comfort
This card is placed under all food products before you consume them to help with the digestive process. It is designed to provide energy to your body, which reduces toxins in food products, works in conjunction with the digestive comfort patch.
Program T08
Energy and Stamina
This program raises energy and alertness levels — Improves athletic stamina, improves mental stamina, achieves higher levels of concentration for studies or safe driving.
Program T09
Enzymes DB
This program provides a large group of enzyme energetics to support multiple organ function. Perfect for all Diabetics, enzyme action helps with nutritional up-take for healthy diets.
Program T10
This is the original EverCLR energetic formula — EverCLR is known as one of the only natural support for Herpes: HSV, and HPV. We do not make this claim, but we have read the claims of thousands of satisfied clients from the past seven years.
Program T11
This program is designed to restore energy in the eyes. We have observed improvements in a broad range of eye health challenges, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Floaters, Retinal inadequacies.
Program T12
Female Hormone
This program helps to balance and support hormones — PMS, Bloating, Menstrual discomfort, and Hot flashes.
Program T13
This program is designed as a rapid anti-viral action — It starts working immediately, Headache due to virus, vomiting due to virus, Body and joint pain due to virus.
Program T14
Hep-DL 10X
This program is designed to restore the body's energetics necessary to reduce blood clotting disorders and support proper organ function.
Program T15
This program has been modified and improved as a "Healing Program" based on the original GH-3 Procaine Formula — The H-GH4 has expanded health benefits with 2-3 times the potency of the original formula, delivered in an easy-to-use patch.
Program T16
Ideal Beauty
This program is primarily for hair and skin — Retains better moisture levels in skin, Reduces wrinkle formations, Increases tinsel strength and tightness of skin, Healthier looking hair.
Program T17
Joint Comfort
This program contains the specific healthy energy found in bones and connective tissue — It helps to heal damage from Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo-Arthritis, and other Degenerative bone conditions.
Program T18
This program contains the latest scientific discoveries for a long healthy life — It helps to raise your hormone production, Human Growth Hormone, DHEA, anti-Oxidants, Anti-Inflammation.
Program T19
Rejuvenator 300Gp™
Encourages proper cell reproduction while sleeping — The seals provide energetic information for healing and individual cell integrity.

The Rejuvenator 300Gp™ seals maintain an effortless support therapy for proper cell reproduction while you sleep. The human body depends on a strong inner magnetic core for healing; these seals support the body's core energy to increase the individual cell's integrity.

They also support a better system for natural healing. Research has found that by attaching (5) Rejuvenator seals to your mattress, your body receives balanced magnetic field information while sleeping, which encourages better cell reproduction for increased healing and rejuvenation. The Rejuvenator seals will last for three months, and have been programmed with Master Healing information that your body translates into healing energy.
Program T20
Male Hormone
This program contains a multiple approach to balancing male hormone — Increases energy, while providing sexual benefits. Healthier prostate gland, better semen production, increased and balanced testosterone, stronger erections, increased sexual desire.
Program T21
This program restores depleted energetics in the brain — Better short term memory, and better long term memory.
Program T22
Organ Cleanse
Good health begins with proper organ function — Environmental detoxification, effective for over 79 different toxins, increases Lymphatic function, reduces inflammation, multiple organ and health improvements.
Program T23
This program is designed as a barrier to microscopic infections — We all have them, eliminate them by using the Parasite Aura Patch.
Program T24
R1H2 Therapy
This program Supports Children with Autism. The R1H2 energetically supports the brain with observable and measurable improvements in as short as 90 days. Also can be used for Lyme disease disorder.
Program T25
Scar Tissue
This program greatly reduces the chance of scar tissue formation — Opens acupuncture meridian blockages due to scarring, used with all breast implant patients, reduces scarring during and after surgery.
Program T26
Seasonal Best
This program is designed for seasonal and food allergies — Many times after you have eliminated the primary cause of health problems there are allergies which hinder the final healing.
Program T27
Stress Less
This program is designed to increase your coping skills for stress, anxiety and depression — Very quick response, noticeable results within 48 hours, great compliance, increases actual feelings of joy and happiness.
Program T28
Weight Management
This is our most complex program, adds supportive energy to almost every function of the body — Contains five different fat burners, detoxifies the organs, increases healthy lymphatic function to remove fat, reduces appetite, reduces bloating, encourages physical activities.
Program T29
Hair Restoration
Specialty Patch
Wear just one patch on left shoulder. Works 24 hours 7 days a week for the best hair restoration possible. No Expensive Shampoos, Conditioners, or Tedious Systems. One patch will accomplish your hair re-growth with almost no effort. This therapy, like most requires continuous use.
Program T30
Master Immune Stimulator
Specialty Patch
An array of distinct information, which activates the Immune System to produce a correct response to defend the body from pathogens and other invaders.
Program T31
Kidney Adrenal Thyroid
Specialty Patch
From the requests of our Practitioners, we have researched patients in each of these important groups to determine the supportive energetic signatures related to these organs; Kidneys, Adrenals, & Thyroid. This is not a supplement for hormone replacement therapies. This therapy patch uses specific energetic signatures to only support the proper function of these organs.
Program T32
Specialty Patch
This therapy contains pre-cursor information for every organ & organ system of the body.
  • 100% of patients TEST for this complimentary therapy. Patients recover faster & more completely, when this therapy is added to their treatment program.
  • Once a satisfactory level of health has been accomplished, one RECOVERY therapy patch every week for three days can be used as a Health Maintenance Program.
Program T33
Adult Mental Focus Therapy
Specialty Patch
This therapy has been designed to cope with the mental health challenges of stress in the lives of Adults as well as Children. After very close examination of thousands of patients in daily mental conflicts, these areas of the brain and behavior were determined.
  • Inflammation & Edema of the Brain Tissue.
  • Reduced Concentration & Memory Loss.
  • A Pathogen or Parasite living in the Brain.
  • Mood Deprivation Stress, Anxiety & Depression.
  • Damaged Brain Tissue.
  • Disturbing & Unnatural Neural Pathways.
These Mental Focus Therapies for "Adults" and for "Children" answer these challenges by:
  • Dramatically reducing Edema & Inflammation, this sets up an optimum healing scenario.
  • Restores energetic balance to the Cerebrum, there by stabilizing the concentration and memory capabilities.
  • They are Non-Toxic, Anti-Pathogens energetic signatures to eliminate the probable causes of the mental instabilities.
  • Naturally raises the Brain's coping skills for Stress, Anxiety, & Depression.
  • Contains a complete program to enhance the natural functions of the Brain.
  • Use CMF along with RECOVERY Therapy to slowly re-establish the natural neural pathways of the Brain.
Program T34
Children's Mental Focus Patch
Specialty Patch
This therapy is designed for children who have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD.
Program T35
Bed Time Magic
Commercial Package
For a restful nights sleep — Government studies tell us 62% of all Americans have sleep deprivation. Bedtime restores your energy for your best natural sleep patterns.

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