Bio-Magnetic Systems, Ltd. is an advanced bio-technology company devoted to the idea that good health and abundant energy can be accomplished with the aid of natural energetic frequencies. The Aura Patch Therapy System™ was developed with the help of an accomplished research doctor by the name of Rick Hunt, PhD in his extensive bio-health laboratory.

His years of dedication as a Homeopathic Practitioner, and his extensive research and study of bio-frequency technology has led to the discovery of thousands of specific bio-frequencies that restore abundant health. These frequencies or signals are the heart of the technology. There are more than a billion cells in a human body that emit and communicate through bursts of measurable energy called biophotons. At Bio-Magnetic Systems, Ltd., we have the technology and software to capture and emulate those frequencies onto computer sound cards that are engineered into our energetic therapies.

In recent studies of the human body, bio-energy frequencies provide an important and vital function in our lives, whether we understand this phenomenon or not. Emitting poor and dysfunctional frequencies can determine one's health and energetics. At Bio-Magnetic Systems, Ltd., we understand the benefits of healthy functioning frequencies that are emitted from our bodies, and study their energetics for duplication onto an advanced metalized material used in the Aura Patch Therapy System.

Our team of experienced doctors and research scientists have developed a precise patch system that delivers healthy frequencies to help support the vital organs in your body. These frequencies have been developed into 33 different energetic therapies. The Aura Patch Therapy System is a non-transdermal, non-chemical patch that delivers natural energetic frequencies that your body can easily assimilate.

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