How should I feel when wearing the Aura Patch?
Depending on your present age and condition, you should start receiving immediate results from the available energy. Most people feel a difference the very first day. Bedtime is a good example of the technology; you will find sleeping is a renewed pastime.
Has Aura Patch been clinically tested?
The Aura Patch Therapy System has gone through several double blind study groups with health practitioners, doctors, and Scio operators and all have been receiving almost 100% expected and positive results. The best test is to see for yourself the life changing improvement you can receive by wearing the patch, especially the Bedtime and Energy & Stamina Patch.
How long do I wear the Patch?
Each therapy is unique, so use one patch per therapy as recommended by your therapist or practitioner.
Is the Aura Patch Therapy System safe?
Many people have asked this question. Yes! The Aura Patch Therapy System is made for the most energy sensitive person. There are no chemicals or transdermal solutions to worry about, just natural clean energy presented into your energetic field. This energy is only found in the healthiest people on the planet.
How often do I need to wear the Aura Patch?
Wear the Aura patches as often as you wish. The Aura patch presents a field of energy that is available to your body. If for any reason your body does not need that energy, the energy will only flow in your aura outside of your body. There are no side effects, because all of the energy patterns presented by the Aura patches are naturally found in healthy bodies.
Can I use the Aura Patches when I shower?
Yes, although in most cases the adhesive will have a tendency to fail and the patch fall off after a shower; you can re-attach the patch with a cloth medical tape. Just like any other patch product, be aware that any patch will fall off when least expected.
Will I feel faint or dizzy wearing the patch?
Our studies have shown no negative reaction from wearing the patch; in most cases people feel better wearing the recommended patch. If you do feel faint or dizzy, consult your Healthcare Practitioner.
Can I use the Aura Patches on animals?
We have had several practitioners use the Parasite Patch on their dogs and cats, we have had feedback that their animals are getting better, although we still feel that we need to do more research and study on that type of usage.

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