Aura Patch Therapy System
The AURA Therapy System is a series of 33 non-Transdermal therapy patches. Each patch is uniquely made to restore normal balance in the human body utilizing digitally encoded information.

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Aura Energy Cards
These cards are programmed with specific harmonic frequencies to raise the nutritional value of your processed foods and increase your cellular water absorption.


In recent studies of the human body, bio-energy frequencies provide an important and vital function in our lives, whether we understand this phenomenon or not. Emitting poor and dysfunctional frequencies can determine one's health and energetics.

At Aura International, we understand the benefits of healthy functioning frequencies that are emitted from our bodies, and study their energetics for duplication onto an advanced metalized material (developed for NASA) used in the AURA Patch System.

A series of 33 programs have been developed that support and restore vital energetics to the human body that are currently being sold to Doctors and Practitioners as an aid to support and restore the body's energetic function.

The AURA Patch System is a non-Transdermal, non-chemical patch that delivers natural energetic frequencies that allow the body to heal itself. They are designed to create specific biological information signals that the body chooses to accept or reject in order to maintain perfect balance.

The physical body is able to choose the frequency needed to obtain or maintain its balance. Instead of putting a substance into the body, i.e. drug or supplement this technology provides the frequency signature of the substance that is needed by the body to create and maintain balance that achieves health benefits.

Doctor Fritz Albert Popp, a German physicist nominated for a Nobel Prize for his discovery that is used in the application of all EMR's products. He identified and measured electrical impulses that create an electromagnetic network, which controls every organ and its function in your body. He named these electrical impulses Biophotons.

He believed that these tiny packets of vital information, which are communicated from cell to cell throughout the entire body, are the beginning of good or bad health.

In creating the patches, a software program is first written for each therapy with specific frequencies. These electromagnetic frequencies emulate energetic frequencies from nature that can be translated into digital signals.

We have a tendency to think of ourselves as purely physical beings, but that is only half of the story. We are actually divided into two distinctly different halves.

There is the physical body we see, but there is also your invisible being. It is a complex pattern and structure of pure energy. It moves through 12 pathways that guide this energy to every organ in your body. In Eastern Medicine, the Energetic half of your whole body has been intensely studied for almost 5000 years and is believed to be the beginning of true and lasting health.

This type of technology has been successfully used in health care since the 1930s. The development of the MRI (Magnetic Resonate Imaging) is a direct result of the expansion of this technology. Major scientific groups and governments have utilized this type of technology for over 70 years.

AURA International is a forerunner in the advancement of resonate frequency technology and believes that this is the very beginning of its benefits to society.

By learning how to read these energetic messages we can fully understand what is necessary to maintain good health. The Aura patches are about restoring health.

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