Every parasite, bacteria, virus, and abnormal cell presents a very specific digital frequency signature. This promises to be our most innovative tool of the future, in the early detection of most major diseases. The completion of these projects would create immense advancements in the field of "medical diagnostic procedures" with huge technological and commercial impact.

Bio-photonic messages determine the behavior of all chemical reactions. It is the same as the software in your computer, without the software the computer lays dormant. All chemical reactions are PRECEDED by an energetic message, which tells the substance how to react. Fritz Albert Popp, PhD was nominated for the Noble Prize for this discovery. We have discovered how to "change the messages" in all natural and organic substances.

The products created and manufactured by AURA International are based on digital biology science and frequency technology. The first example of frequency technology in health care was discovered by Dr. Royal Rife in 1934, while conducting scientific studies with selected patients from the UCLA medical institute in Los Angeles, CA. This type of technology has been successfully used in health care since the 1930s. The development of the MRI (Magnetic Resonate Imaging) is a direct result of the expansion of this technology. Major scientific groups and governments have utilized this type of technology for over 70 years. AURA International is a forerunner in the advancement of resonate frequency technology and believes that this is the very beginning of its benefits to society. There are more than a thousand different potential applications and opportunities, just waiting to be discovered.

We write the software and program specific frequencies onto a proprietary substrate material. This material is then charged with energetic electromagnetic frequencies that your body can assimilate as energy. These electromagnetic frequencies emulate energetic frequencies from nature that can be translated into digital signals. Research has shown that we live in toxic fields of energy created by electro-pollution such as cell phones, home phones, automobiles, microwaves, computers, game consoles and electrical currents. It has become absolutely essential that we step in and change this dangerous direction of progress, and return to a more natural and supportive environment.

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