I am a Registered Nurse and CHTP (Certified Healing Touch Practitioner — Biofield Therapy) and would like to order your products for my personal use and for my clients. I have tried the Sleep Patch for my husband who has had a sleeping problem for most of his life (he is 79 y.o.) and they have made an incredible difference — not only is he sleeping better (only waking up once or twice instead of three or four times) but his whole energetic system has shifted = he is less tense and lighter in "spirit" which is making a difference in his outlook and approach to his daily challenges.
Thank you. I am anxious to share them with everyone!
S. Robbins RN, CHTP, HNC (Certified Holistic Nurse), CCHT (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist)
I have been so excited at using the Aura Patches. This past week, I was testing a client in Maryland that has had trouble keeping her sugar level down. She had made an appointment to meet with a doctor as she felt that it was serious. Her blood sugar level was 280 and she was not able to get it down for weeks. I asked her if she'd like to try the Enzymes DB patch. She put it on and within one hour her level went down to 140. She was afraid she'd lose it in the shower so she took it off that evening when she showered. The level went up to 170. Before bed, she put it back on and when she checked it in the morning it was consistently around 140. Within a few days, her level went down to the normal range and is staying there.
Thanks for such a great concept in healing.
R. Still, MBE
I used my patches for the first time and had a very interesting experience. I arrived in Santa Fe (altitude 7000+ feet) a couple of days ago and really was feeling spacey, tired and short of breath. I put on one of the Energy and Stamina patches and it made a very noticeable difference. Frankly, I was surprised. I bought a few different kinds at the A4M conference and I look forward to trying them.
Dr. Ann H. MO
Thank you very much, I must admit I am VERY SURPRIZED especially energy & stamina because I work 14-16 hours a day, most who know me would be shocked. This is very exciting.
Dr. Ria G. PA
It was 1 month on the 13th of December and Jerrika is still improving. She has only had one headache since she started the treatment. The headache only lasted for a couple of hours than went away. She said it may have been due to a bit of stress.
Typically she would have had multiple headaches or migraines by now. At least 4 per month. Now she has no headaches. She has had so called migraines since she was 5 years old. She had to take Imitrex and the side effects where terrible. Now she has not taken anything.
Her weight is improving slowly. I'm astonished but not surprised. WOW!
On a side note, I've had difficulty with infections urinary and yeast, for years well I'm taking the OLE no infections at all. I've had this problem for years the medications just complicated the situation because I'm allergic to antibiotics. I am feeling so much better. WOW!
Lori L. CA
Progress report:
The hormone patches are working! What a relief. The night sweats have diminished to a trickle. The hot flashes have diminished to almost none. I can sleep quite well now.
Do you know how many women are suffering from this and have no recourse but the drugs. RC do you realize that you have done something that no doctor has been able to do. All of the other symptoms that come along with menopause have disappeared. I'm feeling quite well and looking splendid.
The whole female population needs to know about this!
My legs are feeling much better I believe my circulation has improved. My extremities are not as cold.
Lori L. CA
This is in regards to your HGH-4 patch. Into the third week of use I've lost 12 pounds and I have an abundance of balanced energy and a sense of well being. With my strength training, endurance and strength increased.
I don't want to be without them. Also, my craving for junk food has left.
James B.
I just wanted to thank you for introducing us to the Aura frequency patches.
My mom has been having terrible back pain (age 81) due to arthritis. She is not able to take any aspirin or ibuprofen compounds. With some degree of disbelief, I had her try the pain patch. She applied it to the pain site and started feeling some relief the first day. After 3 days she was still having some discomfort so she added the HGH-4 patch. By the end of the day, she was standing up straight, that look of constant pain was gone from her face and she was smiling again!!!! Now she is telling all of her sisters about this wonderful therapy.
Thank you!!!!
MJ Meyers, RN
To: Aura Patches
RE: Aura Patch for Weight Management
I am a Reiki Master/Teach. I am also a Crystal healer. "Energy" is at the core of these healing systems. "Energy" is the core of all life. I thought I had a good handle on my personal energies. I was proven wrong by the Weight Management Aura Patches. I have been using these patches for 5 weeks now. I have lost 21 1/2 pounds in that time.
I have NO cravings for junk food.
I have NO cravings for alcohol of any kind.
I have found myself looking for healthy, nutritious food for both meals and snacks. I have been reaching for water instead of diet sodas. I think there is an Aura Angel inside of me making these choices! I cannot tell you the benefits I have been reaping. If anyone is even considering trying the Aura Patches, all I can say is, "Do not doubt the energy that these patches are empowered with." I believe you have put an energized miracle into each patch.
Thank you,
Sue from Michigan
Dear Aura International,
About two weeks ago my wife who is 75 years old, and has had recent carpel tunnel surgery woke up with extreme pain in her shoulder and wrist. we called the surgeon who had done this work, and soon as we could get an appointment with him would be in about 2 weeks. Since I heard of the Aura COMFORT/PAIN PATCH. I got in touch with you. You overnighted the COMFORT PAIN PATCH and your Aura H-GH4 patch. I had been using a cold ice pack to reduce her pain. As per your instructions I put a COMFORT PAIN PATCH and H-GH4 patch under her arm and another of each at her wrist. The pain which kept her in bed till about noon was 50% reduced, the next day it was better. I changed the patches as you said. Now she can get up and do things around the house. I had doubts that the patch would work as quickly a it did. When she first woke with the pain, we phoned our nephew who is a neurologist, he said that it sounded like a pinched nerve or arthritis, and to get in touch with our surgeon. But now...I want to thank you for your prompt attention, the product works.
Thanks again, D. R. Knoxville, TX
I tend to be a skeptic when it comes to products that promote weight loss. But I must say I have been stunned at the results I have had using the weight management patch. Prior to using the patches I had given up on the idea of losing my flabby stomach. No matter how much I exercised and watched my diet I could not get rid of the flab. Since using the weight loss patches my stomach has gotten flatter than I could ever imagined it to get at my age without a tummy tuck. My husband and I went on a cruise and ate foods we don't usually eat and I didn't gain weight.
Thanks for such a great product!!
I. Faber ND
My name is Madeline McGuinn , I'm Dr. Ivy Faber's assistant. We've both been using the weight management patches and Ivy commented to Dan Glazer about our success with them. Dan mentioned that you would also be interested in hearing about our success.
First of all I must say they are AMAZING! I have tried other products that made me feel miserable and gave me the "jittery" feeling that most diet pills do. But the patches don't do that, which was one fear I had when I first put them on. When I started wearing the patches regularly I was a dress size 12 after wearing the patches for a month in I'm down to a size 10.
I've noticed a marked difference in my waist and thighs (especially my thighs)!, which has always been a problem area for me to reduce weight. People who haven't seen me in a few months cannot believe the difference! I'm so pleased with the results.
I hope you find this helpful. These patches have made me and many others a believer in your products.
M. McGuinn
Below is a nice testimonial of a nurse with TMJ:
I just thought you'd like to know this quick anecdote. Yesterday, I woke up with some mild pain in my left jaw. I should have taken some ibuprofen right then, but it was mild, and something that had been happening off and on for a few months...never got really bad, just annoying, and more the threat of pain than actual pain. However, this got worse and worse as the day wore on. It just so happened that yesterday was payday, and we were taking advantage of that to refill my husband's prescriptions for his allergy medications...I also had an old vicodin prescription from when I'd had a root canal a while back, and I like having some high-powered painkillers in the house, for emergencies. To be honest, I'd forgotten about the Aura patches (bad me!) I had, and I'm not very compliant with remembering to take/do things on a regular basis. Anyway, by the time we got the prescription filled in the late afternoon, I was desperate for relief of the pain, and took a vicodin as soon as possible.
A couple of hours later, having felt no relief, I popped another. Still no relief. I went on to work (I do private-duty nursing, and had been working with my client for year), and my client and his wife could see that I was in pain, so she gave me some British over-the-counter narcotic painkillers. I added this to my cocktail. Still no relief, and none when I woke up the next morning, when I took 2 more of the British pain pills, tried massaging the area, etc.. I called a friend, knowing that at one time, he'd been prescribed with muscle relaxers. I'd been doing some research on the internet, and was pretty convinced at this point that I was experiencing TMJ, and thought his muscle relaxers might do the trick. My jaw is frequently tight. He brought me some, and I took two, and two more of the narcotic painkillers.
Still no relief from this. (Strangely enough, though, it seemed to clear my head. I've never gotten the side effects most people get from narcotics — I don't get sleepy, dazed, confused, or euphoric. The pain, however, had been so great — an 8 on the pain scale — that it was putting me in a fog that nothing lifted.)
Later, I remembered the Aura patches. I don't know what reminded me. I dug around for my samples, and slapped a pain patch directly on my jaw. I added the HGH4 and the energy one for good measure, on the left side of my chest.
Within 30 minutes, my pain had gone from 8 to 3 on the pain scale, and I was even less foggy. My husband commented more than once that it was obvious I felt better.
I am amazed and relieved at this.
I must now admit that I started writing this email last night before I went to bed, and that this morning (I added a bedtime patch last night when I went to bed) when I woke up, the pain was back, and I could feel how tight my jaw was, further convincing me that I have TMJ and that I'm clenching my jaw (my husband assures me I'm not grinding my teeth) at night. I've added a second pain patch to my temple, and am waiting to see the results of that. Of course, all this caused me to get out all the old paperwork I had on the patches, and I've decided that, tight as my money is, I can't afford NOT to order patches at this point.
I'd like to place an order at your convenience. I'm thinking that I should, of course, get the pain, energy/stamina, and HGH4 patches as a matter of course. I also think that the stress less patch would be a good addition, due to the main causes of TMJ. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for this, is there was a particular Aura patch combination for TMJ? Depending on what else is needed and how much is left to make the minimum order, I was also considering some weight loss patches and male hormone patches.
Also, since I'm placing an order...one of my cats has had chronic problems with his digestive system. I see that there's a patch for that, but I want to make sure it would help his particular problem, which is constipation, hard stool, and lack of motility in the digestive tract. He's on a drug (cisapride) for the lack of motility, but I still have to take him to the vet every month or so for digital removal of stool, which by this time has gotten so bad that he can't pass anything, nor sit down comfortably. He's been known to lose over 1 pound after this procedure, which is a lot for a cat, and shows just how bad it is for him.
Also, I was talking to a friend of mine about it (the one who lent me his muscle relaxer), and he was wondering if there were any patches designed for HIV/AIDS. I saw there were an immune support and an anti-viral, but nothing that my notes indicated would be effective to control HIV/AIDS.
I know the company is constantly doing research, and that there is probably a lot more available than was available when you did the presentation for our class. I look forward to your suggestions.
Note: As I've been sitting here typing this, after adding the second pain patch to my temple, the pain has gone down again (my jaw still feels a bit tight), and for quite a while, somewhat subsided now, I could feel a current of energy running between the patches.
Anyway, thank you so much for making these fabulous products known to me.
K'La Albertini
I accidentally injured myself with a hazardous material. It developed into an open sore. I tried everything from homeopathic to the bizarre to cure myself. Unfortunately nothing was effective for almost an entire year. I was tired of not being able to find a cure. I thought it was a parasite. I put a parasite patch directly on the spot. By day two it was completely gone and never returned. I am a firm believer in the patch.
L. Darling
I started using it the first of the year. I am a fragile CHF patient. I also use the R1H2 and Brain/Liver. With muscle testing and EDS testing, I have been able to come up with a terrific program for myself that has advanced my health considerably.
The recovery Patch is a remarkable difference from the healing patch. I can actually feel the difference. Even if I have forgotten to change the patch, I am able to know by my symptoms it is time to change the patch. I feel that much better with it!
With my Brain/Liver and R1H2, using the Recovery patch vs the healing patch, nausea and headaches are much more reduced. I sense more positive energy — healing — taking place within my body. I also have more energy because of this and am seeing myself "alive" not dead in 6 months as the medical doctors have said! I just don't believe it! I feel too well! God is truly good!
Thank you — Thank you — Thank you! If you'd like to talk more about the recovery patch, I'd love to! It's just too wonderful! I'm glad Dr. Hunt had the insight to the cellular need of the energy levels of this patch. It is a great treasure!
Have a beautiful Sunday!
Dr. Victoria Kim
Dear Dan,
It would be an honor if anything of my healing can be used to enhance the patches and encourage others of their validity and effectiveness! Yes — feel free to use my words at anytime for a testimonial.
It has been very interesting with my electrical device — the ventricular defibrillator — I have had to carefully gauge my use of the energy patches. Energy is energy. I have had to study in great depth to get this to work.
I can use the Recovery patch continually. And the R1H2 and the Brain/Liver I have had to put on a timing program. I use them daily at specific times during the day. Interesting — even my body lets me know when I am over the time limit!! This has worked tremendously and I'm able to use them with maximum effect for my optimum healing! Incredible design these bodies God created!
Every day, I am amazingly improved! I have seen increased stamina with my writing and reading, which I have missed so much. My vision and mental clarity have improved, too! This is remarkable! — and yet these are the signs of a healing body! I love life!
Thanks again so much for all you do!
Dr. Kim

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