Using and Wearing the AURA Patch System

The Aura Patch System attaches to the outside of the body. It presents the specific patterns of energy that are visible in your body's aura. This can be shown when photographed with the new advanced aura photography systems. It changes the aura to an improved energy pattern with an increase in energetic density. The Aura Patch should be attached to the left side of your body. The left side of the body accesses 100 percent of the energy; the right side of your body only receives 75-80 percent of emitting energy. The correct position or placement is the upper left side of your body.

Most therapists agree that different people's skin have different rudiments that warrant different applications. The adhesive used is a hypoallergenic adhesive compound made for sensitive skin. The Aura Patch is biodegradable and safe for the environment.

As you use the Aura Patch System, you will find a new awareness of energy and overall feeling better. The Bedtime Patch is a key patch since most of our healing occurs when we sleep. Your body reenergizes when you have a good night's sleep.

New Feature to the Patches
The image of our logo appears with a number that will correspond with a therapy. This number will help to identify the patch's therapy when customers are wearing multiple patches or when a patch is missing.

The set of ten patches comes in an envelope that identifies all the patches with their number to help in identifying each of the therapies. This package helps customers who are concerned with identifying the patch. The envelope also has information on the use of the patches and where to wear them.

Instructions on where to place patches
Option A
Place the therapy patch on the left side of your body. Remove the patch from the protective backing, apply the patch on your left side anywhere above the waist, pressing firmly to assure that the patch will stick.

Option B
In some cases depending on the therapy, you can apply two of the same therapy patches on your body. These can be applied to the left side of the torso or under your left arm.

Option C
In some cases you can apply a patch directly on the target area, such as on your knee for joint pain. The most or should you can wear on your body at one time is three therapies.

Option D
The patches are designed to be worn on your skin, but because every person's skin is unique, some people may have a negative reaction to the patch adhesive. If this occurs you can flip the patch over and attach it to a Band-Aid or medical tape such as Op-site or Tegaderm then apply the patch to your skin. This is also recommended for young children as well.

Option E
If there are customers who have very sensitive skin or perspire because of where they live, we offer a Therapy Patch Card holder. This flexible card is the size of a credit card and holds up to three different therapies. We recommend men keep it in their pocket, and women put it in their bra. The therapies are then changed peeling them off and attaching a new one every three days.

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